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CSCS - Health and Safety Test

There are variety of CSCS cards available. The most common are:

# Green - Basic Operative card
# Blue - Skilled worker card
# Gold - Supervisor's card
# Platinum - Management card
# Black - Senior Management card


Which type of card do I need?
In most cases you will have to pass Operative CSCS Health and Safety Test. If you work as a Manager or Supervisor you will have to do relevant test. Also you may have to de specific test if you do certain trade (e.g. "working at heights" for scaffolders/roofers).

How do I get basic CSCS card?

In order to get basic(green) CSCS card you will need to pass CSCS health and safety operative test. Once you pass your test you will receive paper certificate which is valid for 2 years. With this certificate you may access most of the sites in UK. But if your employer requires CSCS plastic card you will need to call a number on the paper certificate. They will convert paper certificate into card which is valid for 5 years.

I am ready to book. What should I do?
To book Your CSCS Health and Safety test please call on: 02034688901